CSci599: Trends in Mobile and Cloud Computing, Spring 2010


In this class, we ask the question: "What will the Internet of the future look like when 4 billion smart phones are connected to the network?"

With the advent of smartphone technology, and the availability of a vast array of useful applications, mobile computing has moved into a second generation. In time, the smartphone will become the primary computing device for most people.

At the same time, motivated in part by mobile computing, the Internet has transformed itself with the emergence of cloud computing. Slowly, most computing and storage are moving into the Internet infrastructure, enabling end devices to be simple and also mobile.

In this class, we examine cutting-edge research in mobile computing and cloud computing together, to understand each of these technologies and also how they will eventually work together. The class readings are derived from recent papers published in top systems and networking conferences.

Class Meeting Time: 10:00-11:20 MW

Class Location: WPH 207

Instructor: Ramesh Govindan

  • Office: RTH 412
  • Office Hours: Th 9-11
  • Email: ramesh at enl dot usc dot edu

Course Material

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