My course work at USC

Computer Network Systems

Course No Course Name Semester Instructor
CS551* Computer Communications Spring 2001 Dr. Ramesh Govindan
CS694A Topics in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Spring 2003 Dr. Ramesh Govindan
CS558 Internetwork And Distributed systems laboratory Fall 2002 Dr. Ramesh Govindan
EE555** Broadband Network Architecture Summer 2001 Dr. Ali Zahid
EE450 Introduction to Computer Networks Summer 2000 Dr. Ali Zahid
* Computer Science
** Electrical Engineering

Other Systems Courses

Course No Course Name Semester Instructor
EE557 Computer System Architecture Summer 2000 Dr. Kai Hwang
CS585 Database Systems Spring 2001 Dr. Cyrus Shahabi
CS555 Advanced Operating Systems Fall 2001 Dr. Clifford Neuman
EE657 Parallel Processing Fall 2000 Dr. Kai Hwang


Course No Course Name Semester Instructor
CS570 Analysis of Algorithms Spring 2000 Dr. Ming-Deh Huang
CS581 Logic and Its Applications Spring 2000 Dr. Leonard Adleman
MATH502A Numerical Analysis Fall 2001 Dr. Edward Blum
EE549 Queueing Theory for Performance Modeling Summer 2001 Dr. Brian Tung
CS599 Special Topics on Network Algorithms Spring 2002 Dr. Ashish Goel

 Artificial Intelligence

Course No Course Name Semester Instructor
CS561A Artificial Intelligence Fall 2001 Dr. Paolo Pirjanian